Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Resource Center objectives?

Build a solid identity around the Resource Center as a "One Stop Shop" service provider.
Assist families and individuals with social, economic, and educational needs and other supportive services. Build the Resource Center through private/ public relationships with federal, state, and local agencies, nonprofit, for-profit organizations, and businesses.
Establish a collaboration network of agencies, schools, and organizations that will make a formal, sustained commitment to work together bringing available resources and services to the community.
Campaign to raise funds for construction improvements and restoration of the school facilities.
Davidson School facility to once again become a thriving education and training center for the community and The City Of Kings Mountain.

What is your planned strategy?

Part of the Davidson Association Resource Center strategy is to obtain funding through grants, foundations, private donations, and fundraisers to renovate the historic Davidson School into a community center to provide GED classes, tutoring, health services and to act as a resource center for the community. In the past year, we have assisted the community in distributing over 600 boxes of food and 50 gallons of bottled water. We have held several community yard sales on the property as fundraisers. We have assisted the Cleveland County Women's Shelter with home-cooked meals and distributed socks to the homeless. Our objective is to serve the community. We ask kindly if you would consider being a part of the Davidson School Alumni Association with your tax-deductible donations, materials, and gifts.